Accessibility vs Inclusion

Articulating the difference between accessibility and inclusion can be tricky. It’s important to understand when creating a workplace culture that engages with and values disabled people.

Prioritizing Digital Accessibility in 2022

When your content isn’t accessible, it can’t reach people with disabilities and they are excluded. Prioritizing digital accessibility is a best practice for all inclusive businesses.

Embed Disability Awareness Into Onboarding

Help new employees understand that a disability inclusive culture is just part of how you do business and ensure that employees with disabilities see steps taken to make the onboarding process accessible.

Short Term Disability Insurance

Short-Term Disability Insurance provides replacement income for an employee when they are unable to work for a set number of weeks due to hospitalization, an accident, or becoming ill. Providing this support can make an enormous difference in their well-being and capacity to return to work.

A Disability Inclusive Benefits Package

Whether employers aim to retain current employees or attract new talent, reviewing the company’s benefits plans and ensuring extended health benefits are compelling and inclusive is a wise approach.

Template for Writing an Inclusive Job Posting

The following template has been created to include important accessibility information for job postings. Copy and paste the following a new document and insert your own business’ details.