Inclusive Training Course: Create an Accessible Workplace

The Create an Accessible Workplace learning course is a great resource for organizations just starting to think about accessibility and what that would mean to staff, clients, and customers. It’s also a relevant tool for inclusive organizations who want to continue improving their work culture, policies, and procedures. 

Diversity Works Research Report

An exploration of the employment journeys of Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour who experience disability.

Continuous Education Opportunities from Presidents Group

Four free online courses are available now for employers in British Columbia. These courses focus on developing an accessible and inclusive workplace. For each course, learners will receive a certificate of completion.

Preferred Language Guide

This Canadian-based guide from DSRF provides updated recommendations on language to use and to avoid when speaking.

WCAG Checklist for Marketers

This checklist will help your Marketing team to keep accessibility in mind throughout your organization’s digital campaigns, adapted from a resource by texthelp.

Developing Your First Accessibility Plan

This Guide will help staff who have been assigned the task of coordinating or acting as project manager to prepare an organization’s first accessibility plan.

Employment Equity Toolkit

This toolkit was created by British Columbia’s Office of the Human Right’s Commissioner to support employers wanting to learn how to improve employment equity within their businesses.

Accessibility vs Inclusion

Articulating the difference between accessibility and inclusion can be tricky. It’s important to understand when creating a workplace culture that engages with and values disabled people.

Prioritizing Digital Accessibility in 2022

When your content isn’t accessible, it can’t reach people with disabilities and they are excluded. Prioritizing digital accessibility is a best practice for all inclusive businesses.