Template for Writing an Inclusive Job Posting

The following template has been created to include important accessibility information for job postings. Copy and paste the following a new document and insert your own business’ details.

Interviews: What You Can and Cannot Ask

Applicants with disabilities, like all other applicants, must be able to meet the employer requirements for the job. However, there are certain disability-related questions you cannot ask.

Social Media Accessibility Checklist

There are basic best practices you can implement to keep your content accessible to all users that may see your social media content.

Workplace Accommodation Guide

Accommodations for employees with disabilities aren’t complicated or expensive. Learn about some of the accommodations that are available.

Interviews, Assessments, and References

There are different types of interviews and assessments with varying forms of accessibility. Learn about the various forms of these, along with your legal obligations, and suggestions for reference checks before employment.

Offers and Onboarding New Employees

You’ve interviewed applicants, conducted pre-employment checks and are ready to make an offer. Learn what inclusive businesses do next.

Duty to Accommodate and to Inquire

As an employer, you have a legal obligation to adjust policies and practices so employees can participate fully in the workplace.

Accessibility Self-Assessment and Checklist

The following table and checklist can be used to help determine where your business is at on its journey to becoming an inclusive and accessible workplace.