Handbook: Businesses Leading the Way on Disability Inclusion

Looking for inspiration to tackle workplace inclusion? Check out the Handbook from 30 leading multinational companies, compiled by ILO.

Creative illustration representing various employees with and without disabilities. Bright colours and shapes make up the background. Text at the top on a dark blue background reads: Businesses leading the way on disability inclusion. A compilation of good corporate practices.

In “Businesses leading the way on disability inclusion: A compilation of good corporate practices,” each company presents one best practice it uses, with the aim of inspiring and encouraging other companies to improve the inclusion of persons with disabilities in their workforces.

The suggestions cover all aspects of employment – including making recruitment processes fully accessible, appropriate skills training, awareness raising, accessible physical and digital infrastructures, and reasonable workplace adjustments.

This Handbook was created by the International Labour Organization’s Global Business and Disability Network and originally appeared on their website.

Available for download

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