Inclusive Training Course: Develop Your Accessibility Plan

Developing an accessibility strategy and plan will boost the success of your organization. Presidents Group offers a new course — Develop Your Accessibility Action Plan — that helps you identify accessibility priorities, barriers and goals. By the end of the training, you will be ready to build your organization’s plan.

So many things we take for granted today result from innovation to assist people with disabilities. If you think of your smartphone — inventors created chat, video, text, voice commands, and the phone function for disabled people. Now, everyone uses them, and all smartphones have them! When Apple and then Samsung focused on accessibility features, the companies took the lead in the sector. Innovation doesn’t come from anywhere. An organization needs to have a strategy and a plan. What new heights would your organization reach if you focused on accessibility?

Presidents Group now offers the course: Develop Your Accessibility Action Plan. If your organization has never made a plan – or you have one, but it needs a revamp to bring it back to life – this training will prepare you for the job. Be sure to take the Create an Accessible Workplace course first, as there is a lot of important information in that course that will help you understand your role as an accessible employer.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Map out your organization’s access and inclusion priorities.
  • Identify core parts of an Accessibility Action Plan and start to build it.
  • Choose the best people in your organization to develop your plan.
  • Explain why people with disabilities must be involved in every part of your Accessibility Action Plan.
  • Explain how an Accessibility Action Plan helps your organization meet its legal and human rights obligations.

You will also get access to worksheets, sample accessibility plans, and case studies.

Recent legislation like the Accessible Canada Act and the Accessible BC Act expect public sector organizations to create accessibility plans. These acts affect banks, transportation companies, telecom companies, colleges and universities, local governments and libraries, to name just a few of the organizations covered by this legislation. Your organization may not have to follow either of these acts. However, it is just a matter of time before you will want to have an accessibility plan of your own. So, get ahead and develop a plan now!

If you need more motivation, there are 926,000 people in BC with disabilities and 6.4 million in Canada. Increasing accessibility across Canada could boost goods and services produced in our country by $50 billion and add 450,000 new jobs to the economy!

People with disabilities have a 72% higher staff retention than employees without disabilities. They are also two times more likely to meet or exceed financial targets. Finally, disabled people are six times more likely to be innovative at work than those without disabilities. And as we already stated, innovation will set your organization apart from your competition.

Planning for accessibility makes good business sense! Get started today by taking the Develop Your Accessibility Action Plan online course.

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