Continuous Education Opportunities from Presidents Group

Four free online courses are available now for employers in British Columbia. These courses focus on developing an accessible and inclusive workplace. For each course, learners will receive a certificate of completion.

Today, most organizations understand the importance of having a work culture that is welcoming and supportive. Even with the best intentions, organizations hiring, onboarding and retaining staff with disabilities may need additional training and resources. Presidents Group is here to help.

Your Organization and Employees with Disabilities

You may consider your workplace fully inclusive. Or you may just be starting to think about how to be more disability-friendly. Wherever your organization is, we believe there are benefits to improving access and inclusion.

Training tools to help your organization be more inclusive

Presidents Group developed four courses to train operational managers, HR managers and anyone involved in the hiring process. These online courses are free to organizations in British Columbia once you sign up to be part of the Community of Accessible Employers. The courses support continuous education in diversity, equity and inclusion.

Course 1: Create an Accessible Workplace

Creating a welcoming environment starts with access. Can everyone get into your business? Can people understand your messaging? Can they contact you? If these barriers exist, people will not even be able to apply for a job!

In this course, you will learn how to tap into an untapped talent pool by identifying and removing barriers for employees with disabilities. You will also be able to address your organization’s legal obligations to become an inclusive employer. By the end of the course, you will be in a better position to support employees with disabilities – and ensure your workplace is welcoming!

Course 2: Lead Culture Change

Assuming your organization is accessible, how do you ensure people with disabilities feel included in the organization culture? This course gives you the tools to build a workplace for everyone. You will learn the importance of an inclusion strategy and how to create your own.

No matter where your organization is at in your access and inclusion journey, Presidents Group will help you identify the next steps in building your disability-inclusive culture.

Course 3: Support Self-Disclosure

A key component of an inclusive workplace is having a safe culture that supports staff recognizing and sharing similar lived experiences – including disability. This course looks at the barriers and biases in your company that make disability disclosure difficult. You will learn how to develop an inclusive work environment.

Presidents Group will share metrics and tools to evaluate your organization’s inclusion practices. Pledge to Measure is our pillar initiative that assesses disability inclusion in the workplace. After taking this course, you may want to sign up your organization to take the Pledge annually.

Course 4: Develop Your Accessibility Action Plan

Building on the other three courses, Presidents Group will help you identify where your organization is right now related to access and inclusion. Then, Presidents Group will discuss how to make an accessibility action plan for the next few years. You will also learn about the accessibility legislation affecting your organization and how your organization should act within the law.

Be an Accessibility Leader in Your Organization

Most likely, if you have read this far, you are a leader in your organization and will strive continuously for workplace inclusion. These courses are imperative to your success. You and your team should sign up today. Thanks for doing your part to create accessible and inclusive workplaces for all.

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