Developing Your First Accessibility Plan

This Guide was created to support 750+ public sector organizations named as “Prescribed Organizations” who must meet requirements in Part 3 of the Accessible BC Act.

Organizations who do not fall under the Accessible BC Act may also wish to use this guide to develop their own accessibility plan and we encourage them to do so.

This guide is produced as part of the Accessible Organizations Project, a project funded by the Government of British Columbia and led by Disability Alliance BC.

This Guide will help staff who have been assigned the task of coordinating or acting as project manager to prepare an organization’s first accessibility plan.

This guide focuses on preparing and writing your plan. There will be some general guidance on how to set up a committee and a feedback mechanism, including several templates we have provided in the appendices.


Table of Contents:

  • Purpose of this Guide
  • How to use this Guide
  • Project Planning
  • What Comes First – the Committee, the Plan or the Feedback Mechanism?
  • Advice from Disability Alliance BC on Inclusive Committee Development
  • Guidance for using the Accessibility Plan template
  • Section 1: Your Introduction
  • Section 2: Optional: Executive Summary
  • Section 3: The Guiding Framework
  • Section 4 : About Your Committee
  • Section 5: Consultation Conducted
  • Section 6: Your Feedback Mechanism
  • Section 7: Identifying Barriers
  • Section 8: Your Three Year Plan
  • Section 9: Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Section 10: Your Conclusion
  • Section 11: How to Give Feedback
  • Section 12: Appendices
  • What if You Need More Help?
    • Appendix 1: Accessibility Plan Suggested Headings
    • Appendix 2: Exercise – Exploring How the Organization Interacts with Members of the Disability Community
    • Appendix 3: Prioritizing Your Accessibility Actions Exercise
    • Appendix 4: Spectrum of Public Participation Model
    • Appendix 5: Engagement Approaches for Greater Involvement and Inclusion of People with Disabilities
    • Appendix 6: Guidance on Disability Terminology
    • Appendix 7: Accessibility Considerations for your Committee Meetings
    • Appendix 8: Accessibility Committee Terms of Reference Templat
    • Appendix 9: Accessibility Committee Recruitment Poster and Application Form
    • Appendix 10: Accessibility Committee Membership Agreement
    • Appendix 11: Barriers and Solutions Initial Scan


This Guide originally appeared on The Accessibility Hub, along with other resources we encourage you to explore if you are a Prescribed Organization under the Accessible BC Act.

Available for download

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