Accessibility of Online Job Application and Recruitment Systems

This Guidebook​ shares recommendations to improve the accessibility and usability of online job application platforms, as well as practical steps and good practices to follow when recruiting persons with disabilities​.


Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • Accessibility of job portals in the United Nations system.
    • Accessibility standards.
    • The business case for the accessibility of job portals.
  • Implementing information and communication technology/digital accessibility requirements and standards to ensure the inclusivity of online recruitment systems.
    • Identifying and overcoming accessibility and usability barriers.
    • Making recruitment processes more accessible and inclusive: The impact on employment among persons with disabilities.
    • Algorithms and artificial intelligence: Disability discrimination risks in hiring and how to prevent them.
    • Case study: Good practices in recruitment processes for persons with disabilities in Serbia.
  • Accessibility of online job application platforms.
    • Introduction.
    • Designing and developing inclusive online job application platforms: Improving accessibility and user experience.
    • Testing online job application platforms for accessibility.
  • Creating accessible digital content.
    • Word
    • PowerPoint
    • Excel
    • PDF
    • Online forms
    • Images
    • Video
  • Annexes
    • Annex 1: Accessible online job application and recruitment systems in the context of the United Nations Disability Inclusion Strategy.
    • Annex 2: Web accessibility policies and standards.
    • Annex 3: Executive summary of the project entitled “Accessibility of online job application and recruitment systems”.
  • Glossary.
  • ILO resources.
  • ITU resources.
  • Other resources.


This joint project is a contribution to the achievement of indicators on accessibility and employment under the United Nations Disability Inclusion Strategy (UNDIS). The Guidebook originally appeared on the ITU website.

Available for download

ILO ITU Guidebook (1.30 MB) Download PDF