How-To: PowerPoint Accessibility

There’s a lot of information out there about how to “do accessibility” correctly. We compiled some of the best “how-to” practices, tips, and links into one document for creating accessible PowerPoint presentations. 

Inclusive Interview Checklist

Simple tips to increase the inclusiveness of your interviews for all candidates, including those with disabilities.

Inclusive Interview Questions

An alternative set of inclusive questions to consider when conducting an interview, and examples of what an employer cannot ask.

Why Captions Benefit Everyone at Work

In addition to improving accessibility, captions boost engagement, flexibility, user satisfaction, and promote inclusion and engagement in the workplace.

Creating a Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

The CCDI created a toolkit for large businesses creating a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy. We compiled a high-level summary of the recommendations.

Accessible Design Considerations for Employers

Every employer can take steps to improve the built environment for employees with disabilities. RHF suggests reviewing these key areas of your workplace when planning for accessibility.

Tips for Working with an ASL Interpreter

To get the most out of using an ASL (American Sign Language) interpreter in your large business’ workplace (whether in-person or virtually), it’s a good idea to educate yourself about what exactly an interpreter does and how they facilitate communication.

Letter of Offer Checklist

A helpful checklist of what an inclusive employer needs to include in written letters of offer to a new employee.

Declining an Applicant

As you go through the hiring process, keep in mind that declining an applicant is also part of your employer brand. Whenever possible, give the applicant feedback and suggestions for future applications.

Accommodating Addictions at Work

If an employer believes that an employee has a substance addiction, or if an employee has self disclosed that they have a disability due to addiction, the employer has a responsibility to approach the issue in a supportive, respectful and collaborative way.

Untapped Talent: B2B Guide to Innovative Hiring and Retention

This ‘Business to Business’ guide offers inclusive workforce best practices distilled from decades of experience and expertise. It is a resource for employers on how to adapt recruitment and retention practices to better engage people with disabilities and others with barriers to employment.