Inclusive Interview Checklist

There are various things to consider when trying to make your interview process more inclusive of all potential employees. Below are some tips to increasing the inclusiveness of your interviews for candidates with disabilities.

Selecting the Right Location and Time

  • Identify an accessible interview location.
  • Ask all applicants if they require an accommodation for the interview.
  • Ensure interviewers are aware of appropriate interview practices and any adjustments that have been requested.
  • Create flexibility on dates/times/length of the interview.

Pre-Interview Preparation

  • Inform candidates on the interview format (e.g. panel interview, test, or group interview). If needed, provide the interview questions in advance.
  • Consider the following when creating the interview questions:
    • Clear language (e.g. avoid using jargon or anything that could be misunderstood)
    • Consider asking skill-based questions instead of situational questions or behavioural-based questions. (e.g. “Are you skilled in Microsoft Office?” Instead of “how would you handle a disagreement with a colleague?”)
    • Ask one question at a time. Provide ample time to respond.
    • Ask all applicants the same questions. Ask applicants to expand on their answers if applicable.
    • Use a pre-determined ranking system for each response.
    • Take notes during the interview so that you can review your comments and assess the responses later, instead of relying on your memory.
  • Assure any skills assessment tests are accessible (e.g. computerized tests are accessible via screen readers).
  • Provide accommodations during the interview, including allowing support persons to attend the interview; assigning a staff member to help interviewees with disabilities (e.g., filling out forms, etc.)


This resource was adapted from Discover Ability Network‘s Inclusive Interview Checklist.

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