An App Transforming Employment For Neurodiverse Employees

Not only is Brain in Hand a support tool for those on the autism spectrum, it is also extensively used to support employees managing mental health challenges, acquired brain injury, and other support needs where anxiety or stress can knock people’s lives or days off track and impact focus, executive function, productivity, and state of mind.

Brain in Hand is the most widely respected and adopted digital support solution for neurodiversity in the UK, and Canadian disability service organization Distinctability formed a partnership with Brain in Hand UK to bring the solution to Canada. Launched here in August 2020, Brain in Hand is already being adopted in organizations in Ontario and Nova Scotia.

What is Brain in Hand?

Uniquely, Brain in Hand combines both technology and people to support employees in the workplace. Through an app on a phone or tablet, the employee has access to coping strategies to help solve problems at work independently. If things get tough, Brain in Hand then connects the employee to someone who can help—whether that’s their mentor, job coach, a colleague at work who supports them, or one of the trained responders provided through the Brain in Hand.

This integral component, the Traffic Light Support team, is a team of trained responders always on hand. This has been set up nationally to support users and organizations across Canada.

The transformational impact this program has for people in the workplace is highlighted in this short video. For another powerful perspective on employee retention, watch the video about an existing employee’s support and retention.

There are many more case studies, as well as both clinical and educational studies available that validate the impact Brain in Hand has on all stakeholders—users, HR, colleagues, and Disability Employment Support Organizations.

How Does Brain in Hand Work?

The following illustration highlights why this combination of human support and digital self-management tools is having a positive impact.

Solution-Focused Planning

The employee can create personalized goals and strategies through person-centred planning sessions using the custom, five-module Workbook with help from a Brain in Hand Specialist and own supporters, or independently.

Digital Software System

Brain in Hand’s unique software combines a personalized website linked to an app on your smartphone or tablet, packed with features to help reduce anxiety, increase independence, remember events in the workplace, and feel supported.

People-Connected support

The Traffic Light Response system can manage an employee’s anxiety and connect them to support when they need it. They can monitor progress with a Brain in Hand supporter, or independently, by reviewing the successful strategies in their timeline, and how they’ve managed through the days while at work.

Distinctability is currently looking to establish employer partners and support partners for Brain in Hand in British Columbia, to join the growing network across Canada. This would extend the many thousands of users and organizations in the UK for whom Brain in Hand is becoming a “way of life.”

What Does Brain in Hand Cost?

The good news is that for many users or employers, current funding sources are covering the costs of implementation, annual licensing, and Traffic Light Service support. For more details, contact them directly.

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Distinctability is a Canadian organization formed in 2019 with the objective of helping employers and support organizations accelerate work opportunities for autistic and neurodiverse people, and be better able to train, develop, and retain them in meaningful employment. The most significant component in this strategy is the provision of the unique and successful Human Blended Technology solution, Brain in Hand, which will undoubtedly help change the pace of inclusive employment across Canada.

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