Leaders Must Champion Mental Health

This accessible infographic covers quick wins and next steps for addressing mental health in the workplace.

Full text from the infographic available below:

Why Leaders Must Champion Mental Health in the Workplace

  • 1 in 5 Canadians experience a mental health concern each year.
  • More than 2 million Canadians have a mental health related disability.
  • Nearly half of employed Canadians with a mental health disability feel their condition makes it difficult to change or advance in their job.
  • A healthy workplace results in reduced recruitment costs, absenteeism, conflicts, health benefit costs, as well as an all-around more productive and engaged workplace.

Quick Wins

  • Create ways for employees to support, recognize, and reward one another.
  • Regular check-ins with staff to identify support opportunities.
  • Flexibility in how, where, and when employees work (Work from home, ergonomic assessments, hot desk system, short breaks, etc.).
  • Create a system to adjust and collaborate on accommodations for employees’ success.
  • Encourage candid dialogue about mental health, stress, and wellness to create a positive and open atmosphere.
  • Be accessible to employees and actively listen to their needs and concerns.
  • Involve employees in the development of workplace mental health programs.
  • Host Lunch n’ Learns. Topics could include professional growth, personal health habits, and financial wellness.

Further Steps

  • Ensure benefits include mental health coverage. Doing so gives employees access to the right support and promotes the message that mental illness is common and treatable.
  • Establish an Employee Resource Group or peer support system.
  • Create a solid back-to-work plan for employees that promotes a healthy transition back to the office.
  • Ensure at least one senior staff has up to date Mental Health First Aid training.

Additional Support

MentalHealthWorks.ca – Capacity-building workshops for employers and employees on mental health topics.
The Working Mind – MHCC online course for managers
Psychologically Safe Leader Assessment

Available for download

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