Infographic: Hiring People with Disabilities is Good for Business in “New Normal”

Below are the statistics from our 2020 pandemic-based business case for hiring people with disabilities in the “new normal.”

You may download the infographic below, or read our full business case for the new normal.

Diverse and inclusive workplaces have better business outcomes

  • 2x more likely to meet or exceed financial targets
  • 6x more likely to be innovative
  • 6x more likely to effectively anticipate change

People with disabilities are great employees.

  • 72% higher staff retention.
  • 86% had equivalent or better attendance than their peers.
  • 90% performed equal or better than their coworkers without disabilities.

Employees with disabilities can help your business adjust to COVID-19.

  • They are innovative and adaptable to overcome barriers in their own lives and at work.
  • Many are primed for the remote work COVID-19 requires.
  • Many prefer the temporary, flexible, or casual opportunities businesses need to fill gaps via as we adjust our operations.

Besides, it’s easier than you think.

If anything, COVID-19 has shown that accommodations aren’t difficult and benefit employers…

  • Work from home is one of the most common accommodation requests and now we know it is practical for many jobs. 
  • 58% cost nothing at all and 37% require a one-time expense of $500.
  • Businesses saw an economic benefit of 2 to 7x the cost of accommodations for employees with various mental health disabilities.

Available for download

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