Toolkit to Build a Mental Health-Inclusive Workforce

Whatever your motivation, embracing a person-centred workplace culture is likely to bring your organization a range of unexpected benefits.

This toolkit is meant to help human resources (HR) professionals and those with HR, wellness and diversity responsibilities increase accessibility and inclusiveness and address the needs of workers living with mental illness.

Because recruitment, retention, and support policies and practices affect everyone, the toolkit draws on the insights of workers with experience of mental illness as well as their co-workers and managers.

How To Use This Toolkit

The toolkit uses five main sections to highlight the steps and strategies your organization can implement to better recruit, hire, and retain workers living with mental illness.

  • Section 1 on organizational self-assessment will help you pin down what your organization is already doing well and where there are areas for improvement.
  • Section 2 will give you ways to increase accessibility and inclusiveness, which the case scenarios in Section 3 further clarify.
  • Section 4 offers a framework to help you assess your organization’s return on investment and predict upfront and ongoing costs as well as potential returns.
  • Section 5 has some practical tools, using a Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) model, to help you monitor, evaluate, and ensure ongoing improvement.

This toolkit is from the work of the Aspiring Workforce research team at Mental Health Commission of Canada.

Available for download

Employers Toolkit to Build an Inclusive Workforce (2.20 MB) Download PDF