Inclusive Orientation & Onboarding Checklist

A guide to make the new employee orientation and on-boarding process inclusive for all employees.

While the suggestions below have been specifically identified for employees with disabilities, most of them are considerations for all employees.

Before the New Employee Begins Work

  • If you have found your candidate by utilizing a disability service organization—contact them to work through the onboarding process together.
  • Let your staff team know that a new employee is starting, their role, and a bit about them.
  • Prepare all documentation, including support agreements with disability service organizations, company policies, operating procedures, safety procedures, emergency instructions, employment contracts, employee information sheets and benefits package.
    • Consider the format of these documents—and whether it is appropriate for the person’s disability (e.g. accessible PDF documents).
  • Ensure that any previously discussed accommodations are in place.
  • Ensure all equipment is in place and meets the employee’s needs.
  • Consider identifying a support person for the employee to go-to for questions.

First Day on the Job

  • Provide orientation information in a suitable format for the person with a disability (e.g. written, audio, braille, etc.).
  • Explain and show where the lunchroom, restrooms and supply rooms are located.
  • Introduce the new employee to their team, manager and go-to person.
  • Have someone accompany the new employee on breaks.

Within 30 Days on the Job

  • Check-in with the employee—how are things going?
  • Confirm whether any additional accommodations are needed, and how current accommodations are working.
  • Obtain feedback from co-workers to support the new employee’s learning and development.

Available for download

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