Template for Writing an Inclusive Job Posting

The following template has been created to include important accessibility information for job postings. Copy and paste any aspects of the following into your own documents or postings.

Please note: Items in parentheses are suggestions to you, not the job seeker.

Title of Job

(Location of Job – if needed)


(Name of Company) is an equal opportunity employer; we welcome applications from people with disabilities, and we can provide accommodations during hiring processes. We value the diversity of the people we hire and serve.

Diversity at (Name of Company) means fostering a workplace in which individual differences are recognized, appreciated and respected, as well as responded to in ways that fully develop and utilize each person’s talents and strengths.

Job Description

Your main responsibilities will be (give a detailed overview of the responsibilities of the position).

On a day-to-day basis, you will be expected to (list the main tasks associated with the job). To achieve this, you will be working (alone, as part of a team, as leader of a team, etc.).

Your work will enable the company to (state why this job is important to the company).

Requirements and Qualifications

Valuable assets include (give a detailed overview of the responsibility of the position).

Are there any education or training requirements that are required? Can any kind of lived experience or combination of, be accepted? This can mitigate barriers to access for folks with valuable lived experience who may not have had access to formal training or schooling programs.


This full-time position offers: (list all the advantages of working for your company.)

  • (Include items like health benefits, stat holidays, vacation allotment, ability to progress within the company, flexibility of workplace and hours.)
  • (Make sure to include information about the work culture and how your company strives towards being accessible.)
  • (An accessibility best practice is to include the pay range, to ensure that people can afford to work the position at the rate your company has allotted. Otherwise, you may end up receiving applicants who cannot afford to work the role, and you waste both parties’ time. This is especially important when looking to hire from marginalized groups, including individuals with disabilities.)

How to Apply

Applications may be submitted by (mail, e-mail, fax, etc.—make sure to include a variety of ways someone can submit) no later than (Deadline for Applications).


For more information about our accessible workplace, including disability accommodations for the application process and beyond, please contact (E-mail address) or call (Telephone Number).

(For more information on accommodations in the workplace, see our Workplace Accommodation Guide.)


(Competition Number: if applicable)

(Company Name)

(Mailing Address)

(Telephone Number)

(Fax Number)

(E-mail Address)

(Website Address)

Attention: (person or position, if applicable)




This has been adapted from a HireForTalent.ca template.

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