Potential Barriers When Measuring Disability Inclusion

As with any new organizational initiative, there are issues you might run into when measuring disability in your workforce. Presidents Group conducted primary research to figure out which barriers are most common amongst employers.

The challenges and solutions were identified through interviews with companies in our Community of Practice with pre-existing measurement practices.

While not an exhaustive list, the potential barriers that follow emerged as common patterns amongst our employers. We believe other businesses are likely to run into similar challenges in their own workplaces.

The “Who,” “Where,” & “Why” Barriers: Your Organizational Context

Barrier 1: Organizational Culture and Trust

Barrier 2: Decentralized and Diverse Workforce

Barrier 3: Buy-In from Governance and Leadership

Barrier 4: Having Never Tackled Disability Before


The “How” Barriers: Your Measurement Initiative

Barrier 1: Employee Survey Fatigue

Barrier 2: Data Protection Concerns

Barrier 3: Acquired Disabilities

Barrier 4: Self-Identification

Barrier 5: Maintaining Confidentiality in a Small Business

This excerpt is from the Make It Count Guide, which accompanied the inaugural 2021 year of Presidents Group’s Pledge to Measure. Make sure to check out the full length Guide to support your internal Pledge to Measure initiatives.

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