CNIB Foundation BC & Yukon

Who We Are

The CNIB is a non-profit organization founded in 1918 that is dedicated to changing what it means to be blind today.

In a time when issues of accessibility and equity are in the foreground, a lot about individuals with vision loss is still unfamiliar to most.

Long held misconceptions about individuals with vision loss act as barriers in all aspects of their lives, especially within the workplace.

To address these barriers, we deliver innovative programs and powerful advocacy that aim to empower those with vision loss to live life at their fullest potential with no fear of exclusion.

Why We Are Involved

As part of our Come to Work program, we work with job seekers with vision loss and connect them with accessible employers to help them get to where they want to go.

We also partner with organizations willing to learn about vision loss accessibility and work with them to address questions and concerns.

We understand that there is unfamiliarity around vision loss, so we want to act as a resource for those that want to become more familiar and discover the full potential of Canada’s talent.