Milieu Employment Services

Who We Are

Milieu Employment Services connects with businesses to create inclusive workplaces. We partner with businesses to build their capacity to hire and work with people with disabilities.

Why We Are Involved

Our mission is to empower and support people as valued, contributing citizens in communities.

We believe:

  • In bridging the gap between employment and disability
  • That everyone has the right to participate in the workforce
  • That people with disabilities should be represented in a variety of fields and roles
  • In creating and enhancing diversity, inclusion and innovation in workplaces

Accessibility Initiative

Our Employment Consultants will work with you to identify where your business has the greatest HR needs and the best roles for Inclusive Hiring. We present you with initial candidates and help you determine best fit. We would support the candidates throughout this process to ensure smooth onboarding. Finally, we provide your business with Maintenance Services.