FormEdOn Educational Services Inc.

Who We Are

FormEdOn provides a range of highly-customized disability support, awareness, and advocacy services.

We work with and alongside individuals, communities, and organizations to promote inclusion, access, and advancement of persons with disabilities.

Our mission is to empower diverse minds, inclusive communities, and socially-responsible businesses.

Why We Are Involved

We strongly believe in the gifts and evolving capacities of youth and adults with disabilities.

We have strong and long standing relationships with individuals who identify as persons with disabilities and have relied on their creativity, faith, and support to build ourselves. We trust that diversification of workforce powerfully contributes to innovation and competitive advantage.

Therefore, we align all our efforts to support individuals and organizations in harnessing the benefits of inclusion.

Accessibility Initiatives

Our advisory board comprises of individuals with diverse abilities.

Our evolving services, upcoming products, and initiatives are co-designed by our global advisors, clients, and collaborators.

Our clients are children and adults with disabilities, as well as their families. We thrive and learn in our community and work strongly to advocate for their rights for accessible education and employment.