Aspire Richmond

Who We Are

Aspire Richmond is guided by our vision/mission to help the people we support to live Thriving, Connected, Happy lives.

From infancy through adulthood, we support people with developmental disabilities to define, discover and advocate for their self-determined goals, passions and happiness.

We do this by:

Amplifying the voices, needs and desires of the people and families we support.

Treating all people with kindness, dignity and respect.

Providing flexible programming and services that respond to the changing needs of individuals and families.

Building the most inclusive, equitable, safe and diverse organization possible.

Creating accessible conversations, events and spaces to inspire, educate and bring communities together.

Why We Are Involved

Aspire Richmond Employment Services responds to the desire of individuals living with a developmental disability to pursue employment as a means to full inclusion in our community.

At the same time, the program also addresses employers’ growing demand for qualified, reliable employees. We help businesses to hire, train and retain capable, reliable workers with ease and confidence.

Our objective is to contribute to creating a welcoming and inclusive work community where everyone has the opportunity to belong, earn a living and be appreciated for their gifts, differences and contributions.

Accessibility Initiatives

Aspire Richmond has been active in establishing EDBI initiatives in our organization, beginning with an organization-wide staff consultation, surveys and establishing an EDBI Committee with staff representation to support ongoing efforts to promote a culture of inclusion.