Kurdish Canadian Society

Who We Are

Kurdish Canadian Society started in 2020 as a non-profit organization to support the displaced Kurds and Yezidis who suffered genocide worldwide. Our mission is to provide refugee families and woman with the basic necessities of life and also prepared them for a brighter future in Canada.

As humanitarians we do not limit our efforts to a specific demographic but want to provide protection and freedom to all genders, races and cultures. We quickly realized the resources we offered were valuable to everyone in the community and decided to create initiatives that all Canadians could participate in.

KC Society is an advocate of diversity and inclusion and will open their doors to anyone who is in need of food, counseling, employment services or community relationships.

Why We Are Involved

Most of our clients and management team come from a diverse background. We believe in a multicultural nation and have been partnering with many employers to hire or support a inclusive environment. Our efforts to support people with food, careers and training includes programs for youth, woman, indigenous ancestry, LGBTQ and PWD.

Our mission is to provide basic necessities like education, housing and food for any person in need within the lower mainland. KC Society is proud to have made an impact on so may lives in such a short time period and will continue to bring people together with kindness and compassion.

Accessibility Initiatives

KC Society has had the honour of working with many initiatives that have prepared people to enter the workplace. Our training is certified and recognized in Canada and our course focuses on :

– Bully and harassment
– Work Place Safety
– Infection in the Workplace
– Disability in the workplace

We have trained 1 to 20 people per class and continuing the model for people looking for work and hiring in the lower mainland.

Our organization offers one on one career coaching for PWD and programs for skills training for the the unemployed Canadians due to COVID-19.