Down Syndrome Resource Foundation

Who We Are

Our mission is to support people living with Down syndrome and their families with individualized and leading-edge educational programs, health services, information resources, and rich social connections so each person can flourish in their own right.

Our vision is a Canada that values and empowers people with Down syndrome, fostering economic, social, and individual inclusion throughout their lives.

We offer a wide variety of programs, services, and resources for individuals with Down syndrome of all ages and their families.

DSRF is a one-stop-shop for Down syndrome, or as one parent put it, “a boutique of supporting our son for success.”

At DSRF, we are proactive, evolving our programming and services based on our experiences working with clients and students, and the latest research and best practices.

We take an individualized approach, tailoring our lessons to each person’s strengths, interests, and needs. As a result, students are empowered. They have opportunities to grow, learn, and step into whatever success means to them.

DSRF provides:

  • Group programs for youth and adults with Down syndrome,
  • One to one services for individuals and families at all stages of life,
  • Down syndrome resources to equip parents, caregivers, and professionals.

Why We Are Involved

Everyone has the right to meaningful employment.

I would see students graduate our post secondary programs, ready for the next step – employment – and yet almost none of them landed a job, a few managed to secure volunteer positions.

I decided I couldn’t watch idly as the amazing, capable, students who wanted employment sat at home without jobs. This was when I decided to continue my education in employment support so I could help bridge the gap between those who are unemployed and workplaces.