Brave Sinergy Partner

Who We Are

Embracing diversity and inclusion. Empowering growth. Our organization believes in respecting and celebrating people’s ideas, needs, perspectives and diverse backgrounds, which contribute uniquely to the job we do.

We believe inclusive and diverse practices are key to achieving growth.

How do we do it:

  1. We create synergies with progressive organizations to enhance their diversity and inclusion practices by hiring from our diverse talent pool and offering meaningful training.
  2. We are not a common recruiting agency. Instead, we use strength base techniques and solution-based approaches to work with individuals.
  3. We support people with visible or invisible disabilities to get the job and accommodations they need.
  4. We support individuals to enhance their careers and find fulfilment.

Our Services:

For Organizations:

  • Hire from our Talent Pool,
  • Training,
  • Signature Talks.

For Individuals:

  • Be part of our Talent Pool,
  • Career Support Counselling,
  • Advocate for people with visible or invisible disabilities.

Why We Are Involved

We are involved in the inclusive employment movement as we know organizations must enhance their diversity and inclusion practices.

Also, we support people with visible or invisible disabilities to navigate and advocate for them to request accommodations, normalize talking about disabilities and support them in finding their strengths and abilities to be successful.

Brave Sinergy is the result of being a woman entrepreneur with a disability (I am hard of hearing/HOH) who has experienced many challenges when looking for jobs, requesting accommodation, and redefinition of career.

Also, as someone who has worked in multi-national companies worldwide, I know the importance of diversity and how organizations can navigate cultural differences to be more successful.

For this, we offer a diverse and skillful talent pool which they can hire and train, and we provide consulting services to adapt their practices toward inclusive workplaces.

Accessibility Initiatives

  1. Our website is customizable for people with disabilities and it can be translated into 52 languages.
  2. We are not a common recruiting agency; we get to know our candidates to understand their needs. We go beyond a resume and a cover letter.
  3. Individuals do not need to prove or disclose their disability.
  4. Being part of Brave Sinergy’s talent pool is free of charge. They can reach out to us as many times as they need.
  5. We use a strengths-based approach to discover people’s abilities and define career goals and interests.