Optimal Performance Consultants

Who We Are

I am Jane Sleeth Founder & Owner of Optimal Performance Consultants. We provide expertise in the science of Ergonomics/Human Factors Design as it relates to accessible & inclusive design. This creates workplaces when we collaborate with Designers, Architects, Engineers, PM’s and Construction firms.

Why We Are Involved

Inclusion of People of All AbilitiesTM, age, size, gender, language and culture has been the mandate and goal of Optimal Performance for over 30 years. As Founder I wanted to form Optimal Performance to ensure the science about the human end user of a building, website, object, tools, processes was and is included in ALL design decisions.

Accessibility Initiatives

At Optimal we hire people of all abilities (Our Accessible Auditors are hired who have a disability from wheelchair users, to our blind and deaf consultants to our auditors who are neurodiverse). As such we not only bring the science of Inclusive Design by way of Human Factors, we also live and breath accessibility by way of our team of consultants. We are a truly Diverse Company who includes all people in our organization.