Make A Change Canada

Who We Are

Make A Change Canada is a national and accredited charitable organization providing online programs to individuals and organizations across Canada. We develop and deliver online training, programs, and mentorship to anyone facing barriers to employment.

We are a hub for job seekers, employers, and partner agencies seeking to empower themselves or others to realize their full economic, social, and human potential.

Why We Are Involved

Make A Change Canada’s roots since inception in 2005 are in training people with disabilities online across Canada to work in the vibrant IT sector. We are a certified educational institution under ESDC and have two online certificate programs in web development and design.

We have also provided online business planning and job search assistance since 2005. Through the years we have employed and engaged our own graduates and others in positions within our organization. We continue to expand in this area with our growth, as well as assisting other organizations to successfully engage people with disabilities in the workplaces.

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