Hi Q Training

Who We Are

Over 20 years in this business, Hi Q trainer and owner Judith McLean brings proven experience that moves teams forward. Judith is known as an expert in self- esteem and can train individuals and groups for transformation. We increase safety and supportiveness in teams and organizations. Hi Q Training works on compatibility among people, difficult conversations, teamwork, one-on-one relationships, and group decision making.

HI Q trains supervisors and teams to authentically connect hearts and minds; trains mentors and coaches to better respond to change and transition. We can also train adult trainers for real learning to continue.

Why We Are Involved

I’ve been advocating for diversity in recruitment since 1988 from federal, provincial and local sectors including: a Health Promotions office (Health Canada), varied public colleges(NVIT, NWCC, OPEN COLLEGE, KPU, VCC, and varied NPOs serving deaf, hard of hearing and multi-barriered youth. I’ve been privately training small and mid sized teams since 2014 in improving safer and supportive workplaces.

Accessibility Initiatives

As a contractor for an NPO in 2020 I designed a job and applied for federal summer work support to hire a youth with a disability. When revenues grow in my own training company, I plan to hire a virtual assistant from a diverse background. I have received support from Neil Squire for assistive listening devices (aids and speakers).