Beyond Barriers Consulting

Who We Are

We are an accessibility consulting company based in B.C. which provides accessibility advice to organizations, whether it’s for compliance or as part of a business strategy. Our solutions are tailored individually for each client.

Sometimes navigating the legislation or figuring out the right thing to do can be confusing. We are here to help you with this, whether it’s coaching you through the process, providing an accessibility audit of your organization, or providing training to your team members.

Why We Are Involved

I feel strongly about the inclusive employment movement due to my experiences in the workforce as a person with a hearing loss, both as an employee and as a business leader.

Being included is a huge core of what I believe in, and accessibility consulting enables me to help people with disabilities be included. The future for people with disabilities has never been brighter, given trends in legislation, technology, and societal trends. Still, much more work must be done, and I enjoy contributing to making the world more inclusive.