Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility

Who We Are

Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility is a B.C. based, charitable not-for-profit organization operating as a social enterprise. Wavefront Centre delivers innovative services in Audiology and Communication Devices, Counselling, Seniors Outreach, and Accessible Communication Services that assist people who are Deaf, Deafblind and Hard of Hearing achieve full communication accessibility.

Why We Are Involved

Wavefront Centre embraces and values a diverse and inclusive work environment. Our community comes from a variety of different backgrounds, experiences and cultures; many of them come from the Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing communities.

Our Vision: Wavefront Centre envisions a society where Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Hearing people can interact freely without communication barriers and our mission is to serve Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals, their families and the community by delivering innovative programs, products and solutions to achieve full communication accessibility.

Accessibility Initiatives

Located in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant district, Wavefront Centre’s head office at Mount Pleasant proudly serves as a national model for an accessible environment that recognizes human diversity and inclusion.

It is rated the most accessible building in Canada with key accessible features such as

  • Curved corridor corners to enable clear sightlines to approaching individuals.
  • Improved lighting to elevate visual communication cues.
  • Large-area assistive listening systems in meeting rooms.
  • Enhanced visual and auditory alerting, security and wayfinding system.
  • Visual displays in meeting rooms to project captioning and interpreting services.
  • Wider corridors to not only accommodate people in wheelchairs, but also to provide adequate space for sign language users as they travel through hallways.
  • Acoustically optimized walls, ceilings and flooring to control room reverberation, sound transfer and background noise.
  • Strategic installation of electrical and mechanical systems to reduce the effects of electromagnetic interference on induction loop listening systems used by hearing aid wearers.