Untapped Accessibility

Who We Are

We are an accessibility consulting agency. Whether your organization is taking action in response to accessibility legislation, or you see accessibility as a business imperative, we can help!

We work with organizations to deliver accessibility that reaches beyond compliance to create truly inclusive organizations for all. Let our team of accessibility experts enhance your capacity.

Our Services:

  • Advice on accessibility compliance.
  • Strategy development.
  • Developing accessibility plans.
  • Community consultation.
  • Accessible communications design.
  • Training for your staff.

Why We Are Involved

We’re a social enterprise. We are a social enterprise of Open Door Group. We draw on the diverse lived experience and professional expertise of our team to deliver comprehensive and innovative approaches to disability inclusion.

Our mission is to improve accessibility in Canadian workplaces by:

  • Helping employers to deliver on accessibility.
  • Creating employment for professionals with disabilities.
  • Generating revenue for Open Door Social Services Society.

Accessibility Initiatives

As a social enterprise, we are focused on the dual purpose of improving accessibility for all and creating employment opportunities for people with disabilities.