Inclusive Experiences Ltd.

Who We Are

We help companies create more INCLUSIVE EXPERIENCES for their customers and clientele.

Working uniquely at the intersection of INNOVATION and INCLUSION, we apply the principles of social innovation and customer experience (CX) to inclusion and equity work.

Inclusion requires adaptation, and we specialize in helping organizations and their staff move beyond inaction and overwhelm, toward meaningful and lasting change. We bring an authentic and lighthearted approach to this work, knowing it can often feel heavy and uncomfortable.

We know that awkwardness around saying or doing the ‘wrong thing,’ or knowing when to ask for and offer help can really get in the way of meaningful change.

Our approach is unique in that we aim to make inclusion, diversity, and equity an approachable, and maybe even fun, area of work. We work to create a foundation of shared understanding so that everyone, regardless of power or position, feels ready to act.

Why We Are Involved

We first bonded while working in the sport sector, connecting over our passion for inclusion, human-centered design, and the love of igniting sparks in others. Our combined experiences and expertise in facilitation, inclusion and innovation make working together feel like a dream. We are obsessed with continuous growth and learning and are on a mission to build a network of allies, accomplices and activists.

While we, the co-founders of IX have lived experience with disability know that our experiences are ours and ours alone. We know that much more work, advocacy, awareness, involvement and learning is required in this area.