Inclusion BC

Who We Are

Inclusion BC is a non-profit provincial organization that advocates for the rights and opportunities of people with intellectual disabilities and their families. We are a federation of members that include people with intellectual disabilities, their families and agencies that serve them.

Why We Are Involved

Inclusion BC brings attention to critical gaps in supports and services for people with intellectual disabilities and their families across the province. We advocate for inclusion in all areas of life, including education, housing and employment. Income security for individuals and families is key to maintaining strong, healthy communities. Yet most adults with intellectual disabilities are condemned to lifelong poverty and dependence on friends and relatives for basic living needs. Adults living on BC’s Persons with Disability (PWD) benefits are often forced to choose between safe housing, adequate nutrition and basic health care.

Everyone deserves to be recognized as a contributing member of society through employment.

Accessibility Initiatives

We offer two national initiatives focused on increasing employment opportunities for people with an intellectual disability. We do this by engaging employers to raise awareness and provide support in increasing their workplace inclusion. We work with our members and community partners by complementing the work they do on increasing employment outcomes for the people they support.

MentorAbility focuses on developing a full or half-day mentoring experience in which job seekers with disabilities are matched with individual mentors to explore career opportunities and what they need to get ahead in their desired field of interest.

Ready, Willing & Able engages, educates and supports employer to hire people with intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorder. Inclusion BC is an RWA partner, delivering the program in BC.