Easy Surf Collective Corp.

Who We Are

We are a team of accessibility specialists and consultants, most of whom have disabilities.

We have businesses, organizations, and game studios that make websites, apps and video games more accessible for people with disabilities. We do this by providing audits, testing, and supporting developers as they address issues.

Why We Are Involved

Almost everyone in our company has a disability. Inclusion has always been a top priority since the company was founded.

We believe inclusion is the right thing to do since everyone deserves an employment opportunity. We want to encourage others to take the pledge by taking it ourselves.

Accessibility Initiatives


  • We are remote-first but provide in-person meetings when possible if preferred.


  • We use different methods of communication for everyone on our team, based on their preference. Currently, this includes email, Zoom, Google Meet, text or other messaging apps, and phone calls.
  • We have an ASL interpreter.
  • Meetings are shortened for some team members and include breaks for others.
  • A camera for video meetings is always optional.


  • We work in Pages, Office, and Google Workspace, based on preference.
  • We convert¶ customer documents into accessible formats for our team if needed.


  • No short/rushed deadlines.
  • Team members can provide a weekly and daily capacity limit.
  • Every task can be done by multiple team members, meaning we are always able to cover for each other if needed.
  • No questions asked if anyone needs to reschedule a meeting or requires extended time off.
  • Health is always prioritized.