Design 4 Accessibility

Who We Are

An Occupational Therapist who has expertise in Ergonomics and Disability Management in the Workplace, and who can offer accessibility consulting services to modify workplaces using universal design principles. I provide assistance for Employers who want to hire new employees. I understand how to accommodate and support Employees who have limitations, e.g temporarily or permanent and provide recommendations/solution to minimize limitations.

Why We Are Involved

My sister has a developmental disability. I watched her life and lifestyle transform when her skills and abilities were matched with an employment opportunity. As an OT I have assisted many clients post injury, illness, and disability; helping them get back to work and /or be accommodated at work. I know – Occupation in life matters, to the mind, body and spirit! Occupation offers funding for us to be, all that we long to be.

Accessibility Initiatives

As an Occupational Therapist I have adapted different types of workplaces to accommodate injured workers and return employees back to their own occupation or alternate occupations. With my Designated Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Assessor Certificate I have educated many including third party funders on how to modify environments and be inclusive. I am adept at identifying barriers and creating solutions for persons with visible and/or non-visible disabilities. I have expertise in workplace modifications for those who are aging, and/or living with PTSD, chronic pain and more.