CI Employment

Who We Are

CI Employment has the ability to see the true potential in people, as well as providing an insightful perspective in the job market. As an employment agency, we provide services that smoothly connect employers with future employees.

CI operates from a people’s centred perspective to prioritize human relationships and connections above all else. CIE’s team meets in person with employers and employees to assess and evaluate emerging needs, personal interests, core values, as well as short and long-term personal, career, and business goals. There is a follow-up period through which employers and employees have the chance to express each of their own voices and views.

Consequently, after job placement, CIE keeps maintaining an active role in guaranteeing complete satisfaction to all clients involved.

Why We Are Involved

CIE can very well act as ‘the matchmaker of the job market.’

It strives at building successful and long-lasting employment relationships, where both ends feel that their needs, values, and uniqueness are respected, considered and utilized for a successful, rewarding and long-term business and personal expansion.