CBI Consultants

Who We Are

CBI Consultants provides evidence-based, direct service including inclusive employment practices for individuals with barriers, Positive Behaviour Support and Self-determination Instruction. We have state-of-the-art online training and direct training for schools, families, agencies, and employers. Through our direct service and comprehensive training, we are a Training and Technical Assistance Centre on Inclusive Practices.

Why We Are Involved

For about three decades, CBI has consistently demonstrated excellence in designing, implementing and evaluating innovative employment and skills acquisition programs. We have worked closely with leading researchers in Canada and the United States to ensure that our employment and skills programs are of the highest standard.

Currently CBI runs the L.E.A.P. (Learning Employment Action Plan) program the supports youth, aged 15-30 years, with multiple barriers to employment to develop their skills and knowledge to participate in current and future labour markets and to promote education and skills key to labour market participation.

Accessibility Initiatives

We currently have four CBI staff who have barriers to employment and thoughtful job carving had to be undertaken to match their ideal conditions of employment with the operational needs of CBI that they could fulfill.