Who We Are

As a fully integrated agency built on the foundation of inclusion, AndHumanity is the only Inclusive Marketing and Communications Agency in the world led by a Certified Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Expert with over a decade of agency experience.

We have developed the foundational tools to measure inclusivity in marketing; a methodology that leans on in-depth JEDI experience and aligns it with the team’s wealth of knowledge in marketing and communications. Additionally, we have authored a groundbreaking first-of-its-kind book on Inclusive Marketing featuring certified JEDI experts, and are also Founding Members of the newly formed Global Inclusive Marketing Alliance.

Why We Are Involved

Folks from underrepresented communities are often overworked and underpaid. We want to change that.

So not only does our entire team consist of folks from underrepresented communities, we have also implemented systems and established a culture that encourages safe and brave collaboration, prevents erasure, and helps manage unconscious biases, producing truly authentic results. This is important to us because it showcases to other organizations that the strongest teams will always come from diverse, psychologically safe spaces, where intercultural competency is a priority.

Accessibility Initiatives

  • All job postings always highly encourage folks from underrepresented communities,
  • 4-day work-week,
  • Completely remote,
  • No mandatory “camera-on” for any internal meetings,
  • Pronouns displayed as part of display name for video meetings,
  • Meetings agendas sent ahead of time,
  • Kind call-ins are encouraged,
  • All documents are made accessible,
  • Image or Video descriptions for all content shared,
  • Focus on avoiding idioms and using plain language,
  • Multiple ways of contribution to discussions (ie. anonymous forms, one-to-one meetings etc.),
  • Flexible hours,
  • Unlimited vacation after 3 years,
  • Free #JEDI training as part of onboarding to our team,
  • Trauma-informed leadership approach,
  • Recognizes and labels the hours that goes into emotional labour for this work,
  • Implemented systems and processes that minimize implicit bias, foster psychological safety, and prioritize impact over intent.