Accessible Dimensions

Who We Are

Accessible Dimensions focuses on equipping social enterprises, non-profit organizations, and small and midsized enterprises (SMEs) with the tools and knowledge needed to bust stigmas, remove barriers, and actively contribute to co-creating a world where everyone can thrive.

Services include bespoke training and workshops with a focus on neuroinclusion, panel moderation, document reviews, and engaging keynotes.

Why We Are Involved

Accessible Dimensions was founded in 2023 after identifying a growing movement towards inclusive workplaces and a lifelong passion for co-creating opportunities for everyone to thrive.

With my lived experiences of deafness and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) I have observed the barriers that many conventional workplaces can overcome.

Traditional (read: loud and frenetic) professional settings left me feeling excluded, even as I achieved stellar results with persuasive communications.

I began questioning the systems that exist in everyday environments and using my training as a journalist, embarked on rigorous research that informs the solutions I offer as an accessibility and inclusion strategist.

Discovering my own neurodivergence has propelled me to become a contributor and leader in this space, as I am committed to continuously learning about today’s accessibility standards.

I believe that we all play a part in co-creating conditions where all people can thrive. In fact, diverse and inclusive workplaces have been found to be 6x more likely to be innovative and effectively anticipate change (Accessible Employers, 2023).