Welcome Four New Presidents Group Members


We are excited to welcome four new business leaders to the Presidents Group advisory committee. Each leader commits to championing inclusion and accessibility through policy recommendations and measuring disability inclusion in the workplace. We look forward to having their voice at our table.

Pat Davis, President & CEO, British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC)

Pat Davis of BCLC. He is a white man with receeding grey hair and glasses. In this business headshot, he is wearing a dark grey suit with a light blue shirt.

Pat’s leadership focus includes advancing BCLC’s social purpose to generate win-wins for the greater good, including by fostering more inclusive and accessible workplaces for employees. Under his leadership, BCLC has been recognized as a top employer and Canadian leader in diversity and inclusion. Recently, Pat was recently named as one of the 500 most-influential business leaders in BC.


BCLC’s mandate is to conduct and manage lottery, casino, bingo and sports betting for the benefit of British Columbians through land-based distribution channels and the province’s only legal gambling website.

Participation in Presidents Group is an extension of their continuous commitment to furthering knowledge and learnings of fostering diversity, inclusion and belonging at BCLC and joining a network of like-minded employers also committed to this movement is another important step on their path together towards an accessible future for all.

Aaron Cruikshank, President, CTRS Market Intelligence

Headshot of Aaron Cruikshank. He is a white man with receeding hair and a full, long red beard and glasses. He is wearing a navy collared shirt.Aaron Cruikshank is a market intelligence and research professional with more than 20 years of experience in dozens of sectors, including private sector, government and nonprofits. Aaron’s areas of expertise are market intelligence, competitive intelligence, qualitative market research, market validation, public policy research and strategy, and business strategy in heavily regulated industries.

CTRS Market Intelligence

CTRS is a leading provider of Market Intelligence services in North America. They empower organizational leaders with research and analysis to use market signals to their advantage so they can make better and more informed decisions about the future of their organization.

CTRS is part of the inclusive employment movement because they know no other way to be. They are working together to survive in a world that wasn’t made to accommodate our needs and trying to show others how to see the potential in others who do not fit in traditional workplaces.

David Wong, President & CEO, ICBC

David Wong of ICBC's headshot. He is a man of colour with dark hair and glasses. He is wearing a black suit with a blue collared shirt.As President and CEO of ICBC, David Wong provides leadership and strategic direction to ensure affordable insurance, excellent customer experience and products that offer among the best protection in Canada. Before joining ICBC, he held a number of roles at BC Hydro.


ICBC is a provincial Crown corporation established in 1973 to provide universal auto insurance to British Columbians. They are also responsible for driver licensing, vehicle licensing, and registration.

Their vision is to continue being a DEI leader in the public sector. Presidents Group allows them to leverage the experience of other DEI-focused organizations as they champion more accessible, inclusive workplaces by creating a positive environment for people with disabilities.

Sarah Hoffman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Pacific Blue Cross

Sarah Hoffman of Pacific Blue Cross' headshot. She is a white woman with shoulder-length blonde hair. She is wearing a black blazer with her arms crossed. The picture is taken from an angle as she leans against a wall.Sarah Hoffman is an award-winning strategic leader, whose success is built on a rare combination of significant health, financial and business acumen. She brings an empathetic and communicative approach with a proven track record for building an engaged, equitable, diverse, and inclusive workplace. Recognized as CFO of the year by Business in Vancouver, Sarah is a dynamic innovator, passionate about finding opportunities for business transformation. She is committed to and passionate about the delivery of cost-effective, efficient, and tailored solutions that are accessible and meaningful to all stakeholders.

Pacific Blue Cross

Pacific Blue Cross is British Columbia’s only Health Benefits Society and BC’s number one health benefits provider.

Pacific Blue Cross is committed to promoting and protecting diversity, equity and inclusion of its employees and members. They understand that DEI is a journey not a destination. As BC’s largest health care provider, they realize they have a unique role to play in actively supporting and addressing health inequities in our province.