Tacofino Views Employees as Unique Individuals

From a small food truck selling tacos in the beach-side surf town of Tofino, BC, to a chain of restaurants and food trucks in Vancouver, Tacofino has remained true to their roots and values throughout their growth.

Employer Case Study: Tacofino

Staying true to their roots and values for Tacofino looks like: providing delicious food, supporting local farmers, adapting to and celebrating the local communities in which they operate, and employing amazing people.

Taylor Chobotiuk, Human Resources Director, says that it starts with hiring a great person who shares the organization’s values.

“At Tacofino employees are viewed as individuals. This applies to all employees, not just those with barriers. We all have unique needs in the workplace.

The Tacofino culture is built on uniqueness and a high value is placed on how we treat each other.”

With that goal in mind, Taylor has been developing leadership training to enable Tacofino leaders to better understand and respond to the “uniqueness” of their employees.

Examples of this are workshops around inclusive hiring, and how to better support employees with mental health and addictions challenges.


This case study is an excerpt from the B2B Untapped Talent Guide to Innovative Hiring and Retention.

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