Implementing a Diversity Hiring Goals Report

When you ask hiring managers to pay attention to diversity in the hiring process, it’s important to give them the tools to follow through.

We’ve developed this template you can adopt to track and report back on their efforts to broaden their candidate search to include people with disabilities and other dimensions of diversity.

Purpose and Organizational Commitment

Our organization is committed to building a workforce that accurately reflects the diversity of the communities in which we operate and serve.

We acknowledge that due to historical discrimination and barriers, some populations in our community are underrepresented in our workforce.

In support of our goal to improve representation of these historically excluded groups including Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC), women, LGBTQ2S+, and people with disabilities.

To ameliorate the underrepresentation of these groups, we utilize various avenues to attract and retain individuals from these diverse groups.

By documenting your efforts to reach out to diverse talent pools, you can mitigate unconscious bias impacting hiring decisions, and help us gather data to evaluate our strategies.

As a hiring manager, you are invited to reach out to Human Resources and discuss your hiring needs and to get a better understanding of how to address gaps in your team’s representation while adhering to the Collective Agreement.

This form will summarize what actions were taken to attract a varied group of candidates to achieve our diversity and inclusion goals.

This form is for all bargaining positions that are being recruited for externally, as well as any exempt positions.


(The form itself is an accessible, fillable form available to download below.)

Questions on form

Position Title:

Vacancy #:



Hiring Manager:

Employment Type:

Were there any internal applicants? Y/N

Date went external:

Date position offered:

Please detail any targeted advertising locations or recruitment approaches.

For example, did you work with an external service provider with ties to underrepresented communities? Did you work with the recruitment team to post in new places? Did you work specifically with a Disability Service Organization to share your posting?

Do you believe your hire achieved one of our diversity and inclusion goals? (If so, which one(s)?)

Summary of recruitment approach and hiring decision: (ie. technical role with specialized skills so difficult to find role, etc.)

Hiring Manager Signature:

This signed form must be returned to HR before an offer letter can be sent out to the preferred candidate.


This resource was developed by Open Door Group and Presidents Group as part of the Disability Inclusive Self-Assessment. Start your assessment today at

Available for download

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