Embers Provides Temp Work for Re-entering Workforce

Embers was launched in 2008 to reach people in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside that needed help in transitioning back to work.

Employer Case Study: Embers Staffing Solutions

Embers is Canada’s only non-profit temporary staffing agency, providing socially responsible temp services for companies in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Their mission is to provide clients with high-quality, reliable, professional workers that exceed their expectations, and to support workers to improve their skills and advance their careers.

As a temporary staffing company founded and based in Vancouver, Embers delivers a higher level of service to employers requiring temp services workers, while providing compassion and tangible supports to workers, including training.

Temporary jobs can be a highly effective means of re-entering the workforce after an absence, or to transition into a new job market, whether through a skilled or general labour position.

Candidates are talented, reliable and proven workers.

Daily, close to 200 people are connected to employment through this temporary help agency.


This case study is an excerpt from the B2B Untapped Talent Guide to Innovative Hiring and Retention.

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