Work Wellness Institute

Who We Are

The Work Wellness Institute (WWi) is committed to a core vision of turning research into practice, conducting, and supporting global research, and mobilizing knowledge that positively impacts workplace health practices. WWi’s goal is to lead evidence-informed change through continued collaborative work with partners across academia, industry, government, and community. WWi offers robust webinar program and e-curriculums to the public; allowing everyone access to a variety of industry/field experts sharing the most current research, tools and tips to help individuals and organizations create safe, healthy and inclusive workplaces.

Accessibility Initiatives

Accessibility is a core component of the Work Wellness Institute’s (WWi) offerings. Through a strong employment equity policy, WWi aims to advance workplace diversity and proactive employment opportunities for people with visible and invisible disabilities. Inclusivity is at the foundation of WWi’s programs and resources; in line with the Accessible Canada Act, WWi believes reducing barriers to participation and opportunity strengthen the collaborative capacity critical to positioning Canadian organizations’ as innovative global leaders in their sectors. (seperate into a new paragraph here) Most notably, in 2020 WWi rebranded to align with 508 compliance standards, with accessibility features including ability to add alt text and audio to images, captions, and transcripts through the WWi Learning Management System. Furthermore, in February of 2021, WWi moved its office location to better accommodate accessibility needs of both staff and stakeholder community. WWi is committed to life-long learning and invests in education and training for all employees aligned to our EDI statement and organizational mandate of creating productive, healthy, and inclusive workplaces for all.