Victoria Disability Resource Centre

Who We Are

The Victoria Disability Resource Centre is a non-profit, registered charitable organization run by and for persons with disabilities.

Our primary focus is on promoting a new perspective on disability, one of independence and autonomy. We want to enable all persons with disabilities to have the opportunity and means to make informed decisions regarding all aspects of their lives and to fully integrate themselves into society.

We also endeavor to be a source of education for the greater community. By informing others about what it is like to live with a disability, we encourage them to look at the world with inclusion and equality in mind. This can encourage the breakdown of potential systemic barriers faced by persons with disabilities, such as physical access to public places and the preconceived notions of individuals.

Why We Are Involved

Persons living with disabilities is a very large, untapped resource of talent. Although tasks may be done differently, it does not mean they are completed with any less skill.

There is a misconception that hiring persons with disabilities will requires thousands of dollars for accommodations. The truth is, most people with disabilities already have the tools to do the job AND to live life independently.

Accessibility Initiatives

When hiring, the VDRC gives preference to persons living with disabilities.

Currently, 100% of the VDRC staff are people living with one or more disability.