NPower Canada

Who We Are

NPower Canada provides technical training programs that prepare youth in Canada with the digital skills they need to be successful in a tech career. NPower Canada provides support and adaptive learning resources, in-class and offline, to ensure that everyone, including people living with disabilities, has an equal opportunity to achieve success and obtain a meaningful career in tech.

Why We Are Involved

At our core, diversity is an important value of ours in which we are committed to efforts that build respect, dignity, fairness, equity and self-esteem.

Accessibility Initiatives

NPower Canada works with a large pool of mid to large scale employers who champion diversity and inclusion in their hiring strategies, including hiring individuals with disabilities.

Alumni entering their first role post training are also supported during the more formative time of their employment to support with avocation, skills development and check ins to ensure the Alumni is excelling in employment. NPower Canada provides up to 5 years of post program support in multiple areas such as Job Development and Placement Services, Alumni Education, Career Development Coaching, Mentoring, Employer Events and access to a designated Career Specialist for ongoing development and support.