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Hiring Individuals With Disabilities Is Good For Business

BC Businesses of all sizes – small and large – are challenged in finding and keeping good employees. People with disabilities represent an important employee talent pool that is largely untapped. Hiring inclusively can also improve culture and increase retention. 90% of consumers prefer companies that employ people with disabilities. Embracing an accessible and inclusive workplace is just good business.

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Inspiration for Driving Results in Accessible Employment

Be inspired by short stories and detailed case studies from organizations and individuals who are driving change and realizing the benefits of accessible employment. Learn how organizations rolled out their specific accessibility initiatives – the process, what worked, challenges faced and lessons learned.

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Co-op Programs & Internships

Co-op Student Outreach Program leads to Permanent Hire

Vancouver Airport Authority

Photo of a long, curvy hallway at YVR Airport.

The Co-op student outreach program allowed YVR to shift internal and external perceptions of ability, meet a business need, and tap into a traditionally under-utilized segment of job seekers to build YVR’s pipeline.