London Drugs Makes Inclusive Hiring a Priority

London Drugs knows that customers want to see themselves represented in the organizations they do business with, and that a diverse workforce, inclusive of people with disabilities, is an important part of this.

London Drugs is 100% Canadian owned and focused on local customers’ satisfaction. Hiring diversely and fostering economic inclusion through employment is also aligned with London Drugs’ goal of creating healthy and vibrant communities.

London Drugs has been an inclusive employer for many years, and sees employment as “playing to their [employees’] strengths so we can unleash their talent”, according to Dave Woogman, Store Manager.

Rachael, Corrine and Jori are all team members at London Drugs and their stories of inclusive employment are examples of how having a diverse workforce is beneficial for the organization, the team, and the individual employee.

Rachael had been working at a restaurant and was looking to transition to a retail environment where there would be more of a balance between daytime and evening hours.

She was a client of BC WiN, a service that helps connect individuals with disabilities to employers. BC WiN helped her to find an employment opportunity at London Drugs, and she was offered a job, after an initial interview.

Rachael has a learning disability and when asked how this shows up for her, she said “sometimes reading and writing take a little longer, or I need to double check things – like price checks.” And added: “I really like working at London Drugs because I enjoy helping people find what they are looking for.”

Rachael takes pride in ensuring her aisles are clean and well-stocked. When asked how London Drugs supports her she says

“I like being fast paced, and there is always something new to do or learn. One of my colleagues recently showed me how to order inventory, and I am enjoying learning that.”

For Rachael, being able to do what she has an aptitude for—customer service—while having the opportunity to strengthen her other skills, provides an environment that she can excel in.

Corrine has a diploma from Vancouver Community College in Retail, Food and Customer Service and had worked at another retailer for eleven years as a result of her practicum with them during school.

When her hours were reduced due to store closures, she worked with a disability employment service organization, Jobs West, to find new employment–and that is when she came across London Drugs.

Corrine has a learning disability and has various strategies that she uses to be successful at work. These include keeping a notebook with information she needs to remember, asking co-workers for clarification on new processes, and writing down instructions for new tasks.

“Learning new things is a bit challenging at first, but once I pick it up, I understand it really well.”

Corrine enjoys working at London Drugs because she likes her coworkers, is happy with the hours they give her–5 days/week, and feels like she learns a lot from her supervisors.

Jori started at London Drugs in 2012. He is responsible for supporting store openings by doing the store sweep, stocking, and cleaning up to ensure the store is presentable for customers. He works at two stores, and starts at 5am three days/week.

Jori disclosed to London Drugs that he has Tourette’s, which causes twitching and involuntary movements, and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

When asked how he manages this, he said that it is all about making sure he takes his breaks and that he comes in a bit earlier for his shift so he can have a few moments to get organized.

He also mentioned how pacing and walking really helps him–so having a job where he is constantly walking around the store, is a great fit.

“I see myself staying at London Drugs for a long time. I really like working here and it has helped me a lot in my life. Very nice people, very friendly. I’m treated well here and my colleagues are treated well here,”

said Jori.

Dave Woogman, Store Manager was asked about London Drugs approach to developing a diverse workforce, he said:

“When you hire inclusively, it brings the entire store together. It really creates a harmonious environment within the staff. We have this collective responsibility to each other—no matter who you are, you are part of our team. Our core principles is to take care of people—and that is exactly what inclusive hiring encompasses.”

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