Hives for Humanity Connects Community

At Hives for Humanity it’s not just about making honey; they “connect people to nature, community and themselves, and do it through the bees.”

Employer Case Study: Hives for Humanity

Sarah Common, co-founder, CEO and Chief Community Officer, says that success for the employees and program participants at Hives for Humanity is when they feel that they have a level of accountability and a sense of ownership of their projects and work.

When Sarah is more “checked-in” with people she is better able to support their growth and development. To maintain this, they have weekly team huddles, have begun to implement a performance review cycle, and at the end of the year there is an opportunity to meet one to one and talk about things that employees are proud of having accomplished and identify areas they would like to develop over the next year.

Team members see the value in their work,

“It bridges and closes the gap between classes. I can go into affluent neighbourhoods and teach people about beekeeping! I can see this change in their eyes. It’s awesome.”

At Hives for Humanity it might be the bees that bring people together, but it’s an intentional and ongoing commitment to helping people to develop in their own unique ways and at their own pace that keeps them together.


This case study is an excerpt from the B2B Untapped Talent Guide to Innovative Hiring and Retention.

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