Creating a Diversity and Inclusion Team

Diversity has always been part of Pacific Blue Cross’ DNA—they understand that diversity is about the combination of the visible and invisible differences that shape who we are as individuals, and inclusion is getting that mix to work well together.


New Diversity Team at Pacific Blue Cross “Insures” Inclusion

Their mission is to improve health and well being in British Columbia.

As the only BC-based health benefits provider, they wanted to take strategic steps to ensure that they continue to support the diverse needs of their employees as much as they support their clients.

In 2018, Pacific Blue Cross (PBC) implemented a Diversity and Inclusion team, thanks to the hard work of Wendy Wu (Human Resource Advisor) and Mary Martin (Manager of Learning and Development) who presented the business case and advocated for the team that now includes five different departments.

Having this team is place is a big success for PBC because it means that they will have a committee of individuals who are dedicated to diversity, setting the standard for their colleagues and constantly thinking of new and innovative ways that staff can be more inclusive.

The Diversity and Inclusion team has big plans and with the support from Rob Chiarello (VP and Chief Privacy Officer) and the organization as a whole, they have set their sights high.

For the Diversity and Inclusion team, inclusion extends far beyond supporting accommodation in the workplace, but expands support to all their employees’ range of cultures, self-identification and abilities.

Their team of five, representing staff and management, aims to create a more inclusive workplace on every front.

Some of the Diversity and Inclusion team initiatives include an inclusive leadership program, safe prayer spaces, cultural celebration days, awareness lunch and learns, enhancing the career webpage to make the page accessible to applicants with diverse needs, and gender neutral washrooms.

Introducing a team like this showcases the positive impact that an inclusive culture can have on organizations of all sizes.

The team at PBC is looking forward to what they will learn and what they can share of their experience in the future.

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