Breanne Grainger’s Story with an Inclusive Employer

We are profiling people with disability living and working in BC who love what they do! For this video, we worked with Gabi & Jules to spotlight Breanne Grainger’s story about working with an inclusive employer.

Autism in the Workplace: Lucas’ Story

High school student, Lucas, loves his part-time job at Meridian Meats & Seafood. Through Canucks Autism Network (CAN) and Ready, Willing, & Able (RWA), Lucas was able to access on-the-job supports at Meridian to help him increase his confidence and find success in his work.

Adam’s Story: Disability in the Workplace

Adam Bishop, Manager of Talent Attraction at BC Transit, shares his story, tells us how BC Transit is committed to supporting job seekers with disabilities, and offers some great reflections on making BC Transit an even more inclusive workplace.

Working with a DESO: KPMG and Specialisterne

KPMG in Canada is committed to creating an inclusive and accessible workplace that has a sense of belonging for everyone. They are currently working with Specialisterne to recruit neurodiverse talent at KPMG in the Greater Vancouver region.

How an Autism Diagnosis Led Me to ICBC

“When I joined ICBC, I felt it was important to me that my new team knew about my invisible disability. I conveyed to my new manager and team, where and when it was appropriate, how autism manifested in my day-to-day life.”

Mental Health Campaign Brings Awareness

BCAA is changing the way it talks about mental health and supporting team members to get real about how they feel—putting wellness first.

Patricia: Project Manager in Compliance

HSBC is leading the way in hiring and retaining a diverse and inclusive workforce—which includes Patricia, the first totally blind HSBC employee in Canada.

London Drugs Makes Inclusive Hiring a Priority

London Drugs knows that customers want to see themselves represented in the organizations they do business with, and that a diverse workforce, inclusive of people with disabilities, is an important part of this.

The Quiet Crisis—Denis Trottier, Pivot

“My depression was so acute I tried to resign as a partner at KPMG. Eleven years later, I became the firm’s first ever chief mental health officer.”