Who We Are

WorkSafeBC’s vision is “Safe and healthy workplaces. Compassionate and responsive service.”

WorkSafeBC was established by provincial legislation as an agency with the mandate to oversee a no-fault insurance system for the workplace.

We partner with employers and workers in B.C. to do the following:

  • Promote the prevention of workplace injury, illness, and disease.
  • Rehabilitate those who are injured, and provide timely return to work.
  • Provide fair compensation to replace workers’ loss of wages while recovering from injuries.
  • Ensure sound financial management for a viable workers’ compensation system.

Why We Are Involved

WorkSafeBC’s work is based on supporting healthy and safe workplaces throughout the province. This includes ensuring that our own workplace is psychologically healthy, with teams that are equitable, diverse, accessible and inclusive. Advancing equity, diversity, accessibility and inclusion is a strategic priority for our organization.

We recognize that there are systematic barriers to the full inclusion of all of our employees. We are working to address these inequities within our organization and to demonstrate leadership in advancing EDI with the people and organizations we serve.

Joining the President’s Group Community of Accessible Employers supports our learning journey through access to education, expertise and a caring community of practice. We also hope to contribute to this community as we grown and learn.